Promoting Cultural Awareness and Peace for Children Worldwide

by satu

Promoting Cultural Awareness and PeaceTraveling builds understanding for diversity and cultural awareness. Associating with locals while traveling, avoiding large corporate resorts and conserving local environments through sustainability allow for mutual cultural enrichment between the traveler and the local community. Unfortunately, exploring the world is not an option for everyone, but a great way to promote values of peace and tolerance is to integrate cultural diversity in the daily lives of children.

Kids for Peace is an organization that does exactly that – their mission is to “cultivate every child's innate ability to foster peace through cross-cultural experiences and hands-on arts, service and environmental projects.” The non-profit has noble goals for advocating peace and environmental consciousness through a number of projects and community involvement. One of the key hands-on projects of Kids for Peace is compiling and sending out “Peace Packs” to children around the world. Children hand-paint the packs, and they are supplied with essential school supplies and other necessities, along with a personal note of friendship.

As seasoned independent travelers at Global Basecamps, we recognize the value of cross-cultural learning for building respect for diverse customs and communities. We respect Kids for Peace for doing such a wonderful job at engaging children in enjoyable activities to educate and promote crucial ideas of tolerance and respect for the environment that we are also committed to.

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