Planning for Long Term Travel

by ali

Do you constantly day dream about breaking away from your cubicle and exploring the world for months at a time? While there are many excuses and reasons people don’t travel long term, if you can manage it traveling for several months at a time is an incredible experience. The best trips usually involve multiple stops, multiple environments and multiple experiences, ideally over a longer period of time than the traditional 2 week vacation. We are also major advocates of slow travel, truly getting to know the culture of your host country allows you to develop a greater appreciation for it. Plus, slow travel means fewer planes, trains, and cars which equate to less of a negative impact on the environment. Whether you’re ready to start planning for a 6 month trip or a 3 week trip, we’re here to help! Not quite sure where to start? Here are a few tips to help begin the planning process.


Inca Trail

AirTreks Official Planning Timeline offers a comprehensive look at how to go about preparing for a trip starting at one year out up until the day you leave. One of the main reasons people don’t travel more is money, though it doesn’t have to be. A year plus may seem like it’s way too early to start planning for a trip but if you are serious about your long term travel plans this is when you need to start saving. Jason Demant and Sharon Duckworth, writers for the travel blog Life after Cubes wrote a post about how they saved $50,000 to travel for a year. In their post you can find a very useful savings spreadsheet that should help you budget for your trip and determine how much you need to save. The key to their savings strategy was automation. Commit to saving some money from each paycheck by having it automatically taken from your account.

Selecting a Location

AirTreks TripPlanner

Whether you’re going to one place or 15, be sure to consider the climate, the holidays/festivals that may be occurring during your trip, the culture, how many people you will be traveling with, and your travel style. To get a first hand account of long term travel and what specific destinations will be like do some research through travel blogs. If you are planning a RTW trip make a list of the destinations that are a priority to you. Utilize AirTreks TripPlanner tool to determine the most cost efficient route. Once you have purchased airfare, it’s time to select lodging. Determine your trip priorities and whether you’re looking for luxury, budget, mid-range, etc. Whether you want every detail planned out or if you prefer to book some hotels and leave the rest of your trip open, we can help! If you’re ready to start planning your RTW adventure, please fill out a custom tours form.

Travel Documents

Be sure to have a passport that is valid for at least six months past your arrival. Determine what visas you will need 3-6 months out. For more information on travel documents and what to do as your trip approaches check out our Pre-Departure Information page , where you can find the appropriate websites for getting your passport and visas, health information, destination information you may need upon arrival, city guides, and few other helpful tips.

Be Flexible


Planning for travel can be stressful. In order to get the most out of your trip learn to be flexible. The weather can be unpredictable, planes and trains can get delayed, and unexpected situations arise; that is all part of traveling. You never know what type of adventure an unexpected travel mishap may bring. Also, it will be helpful to learn some of the language and cultural norms of your host country before you go. We strongly believe that travelers should know before they go! Learn about the cultural norms and traditions of Tanzania before taking your sustainable Tanzania safari, and be sure to reach the peak with peace of mind by researching the porter policy of your tour operator.

Call us at (866) 577-2462 to begin planning your next green holiday!

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