Meet Camping’s Sexy and Sustainable Sister: Glamping

by kelley

Experience glamping on a customized Sereneti Luxury Safari & Canvas Trip with Global BasecampsSometimes it’s good to be an English speaker. It’s a language that twists and turns swiftly, with new words created ad hoc to accommodate current pop-culture phenomena. To the same end, old words are often joined together to give birth to lexical offspring that carry a meaning more precise than their “parents” could have ever accomplished pre-morph.

It’s through these blessed unions that we get to use words like gelmet (a gel-sculpted hair helmet) and jorts, the middle-aged man’s best friend. And as useless as a spork (spoon-fork hybrid) is, it carries just enough kitsch cache to warrant slipping it into conversation from time to time.

Another frankenword that’s gaining a lot of buzz around the adventure travel and eco-tourism worlds is glamping—otherwise known as: glamorous camping.

It was only a matter of time before roughing it went cash money millionaire. Although the days of pitching a humble tent are by no means gone, many trekkers today are looking for a little opulence while braving exotic territories.

Perhaps you’re life-long goal is to hike the Inca Trail and behold the ancient Peruvian civilization of Machu Picchu, but the 26-mile climb seems a little daunting. Or maybe you’ve dreamed of going on an African safari in Tanazania but aren’t sure that you can hack the dusty nights in a cheap tent.

Luxurious camping with Global BasecampsThis is where glamping steps in--glamorous camping alternatives are plentiful regardless of where you hang your binoculars at night. Choices range from luxurious Mongolian yurts set up in the Swiss Alps to lavish tree houses floating in the jungle canopies of Cambodia. All selections allow you to still commune with nature without having to pick it out of your hair in the morning.

And the best part is, there are countless sustainable travel options that can accommodate your glamping desires. Eco-retreats around the globe boast such amenities as solar-heated showers, wood-burning stoves, compost toilets, organic gardens and much more.

It’s guilt-free deluxe travel at its finest with sumptuous perks that only enhance your experience with the environment rather than detract from it. Who says camping can’t be sexy?

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