Impressive Eco-Travel - Biking Across Africa

by satu

Biking around urban destinations is popular among travelers mindful of sustainability. Bike rentals are easy to find in most cities, and cruising around central areas and sights hardly requires a marathoner’s physique. The journey about to be undertaken by the 40 or so participants of Tour D’Afrique, however, is far from what most environmentally conscious travelers would have in mind when planning bike tours on their travels. The “Cairo to Cape Race,” organized by an environmentally oriented bike tour organizer, Tour D’Afrique Ltd , is about to kick off early next year. The race covers 7,500 miles, running through 12 countries and encompassing the entire length of the African continent.

Cairo to Cape Tour Our sustainable travel experts at GBC have to commend these guys, not only for pedaling 80 miles a day for over 3 months, but also for their efforts to give back to the local communities in Africa that they are passing through. The central focus of the environmental protection efforts of Tour D’Afrique Foundation is raising funds to buy bikes, which are donated to members of local communities in Africa, as well as doctors working in the area. One bike can be used to distribute medicine to 100 people a day and can literally be life savers in remote areas. To ensure that the bikes reach their recipients, the racers hand them over in person in different African countries along the way. Last year, 320 were successfully donated. The race itself is also great promotion for biking as an alternative method of transportation.

Cairo to Cape Tour Route If you are dying to find out what kind of a superhuman would take part in such a strenuous adventure, visit a travel blog of one of the racers, Gerald Coniel, and check out some amazing pictures from past rides. For ideas on where to go in Africa, explore some of GBC’s hand-picked eco-lodges and sustainable travel destinations in South Africa.

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