iJourneyGreen: Travel to Save the Planet

by ali

iJourneyGreenBeing green travelers, we are constantly looking for ways to lessen our environmental impact and help the local communities of regions we visit. To minimize the negative impact of tourism we build our custom itineraries with lodges, hotels, and local tour operators that share the same mission on sustainability. Global Basecamps is teaming up with iJourneyGreen to take sustainable travel one step further. iJourneyGreen is a non-profit organization that helps travelers give back to the local communities they visit around the globe.

Travel Global. Give Global.

It all started with a love of travel and the feeling of a lack of enough ways to give back when traveling. "I really wanted to find a way to help travelers feel like they were making a difference, doing something tangible," says Co-Founder and Executive Director Jessica Finley. Through donations that support local organizations striving to improve the conditions of communities across the world, iJourneyGreen has created a more encompassing definition for sustainable travel. Finley believes that "to be able to give back to more than just the environment, but local projects which benefit the country to which the traveler is going" is what makes this organization truly unique. So, the idea of a Travel Credit™ was formed as a holistic approach to sustainable travel.

Through the purchase of Travel Credits™ you can help fund local organizations that are working to improve conditions of communities around the world. Travel Credits™ are used to invest in environmental causes, microfinance, and social causes in the region of the traveler’s choice. Each travel credit costs $55.00, but donations of all sizes are appreciated. Finley says, "We have supported Kilimanjaro Porters Projects in Tanzania, Orphanages in Cambodia, Reforestation Projects in Argentina and numerous microfinance beneficiaries, all of whom have re-paid their loans."

Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project

Helping Travelers Give Back

Visit the iJourneyGreen website to see a list of the regions you can donate to by country. Additionally, you are able to select whether your travel credit will go towards the environment, microfinancing, or a social need. So, on your next travel adventure to discover the beauty of Nepal, the culture of India, or the treasures of Vietnam purchase a travel credit to give back to the community of your desired destination...or better yet book your trip with Global Basecamps and we've got you covered.

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