Green Initiatives We Admire

by satu

One of the founding principles of GBC is that capitalism and conservation can go hand in hand, but we know that many corporate social responsibility strategies out there are still somewhat hypocritical, especially if contrasted with the adverse impact a company may have on the environment (think Ronald McDonald foundation vs. the amount of rain forests McDonald’s has cut down). The growing number of corporate responsibility efforts is nonetheless a positive trend, and a simple way for a company to contribute to the planet is by choosing an organization to donate a percentage of their proceeds to (we support these environmental do-gooders). But instead of just choosing a deserving organization and retroactively informing customers on the company’s altruistic efforts, Patagonia has created the “Voice Your Choice” environmental campaign to engage customers in choosing worthy local recipients and allowing community members to direct the company’s environmental efforts.

Voice Your Choice logo Once a year, Patagonia-owned stores nationwide pick three environmental grass-roots organizations in their area to receive a portion of a corporate grant. Customers of local stores can then drop in to vote on how to distribute the designated grant money. The beauty of the campaign is that the qualifying organizations act locally. While there is nothing wrong with supporting organizations such as Greenpeace that address environmental issues in the far corners of the world, for most of us seeing the local beach cleaned up or community park saved from bulldozers is always easier to relate to.

Always tuned to innovative ways of better giving back to the planet, we will definitely stop by and cast our votes for our favorite cause.

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This is truly a great organization.

says... Voice


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