Global Basecamps Photo of the Month: Kayotei Ryokan

by ali
Kayotei Ryokan
Photo by Steve Wilson 2011

"This photo was taken at the Kayotei Ryokan in Kaga, Japan, February 2011. This simple yet classic, traditional Japanese room served as my sitting area, dining room and in the evening, my bedroom. It was definitely winter weather, as you can see from the window and balcony shot, but inside it was toasty, warm, and beautiful. There is a slight moodiness to the shot but for me it brings back vivid memories of a type of hotel not seen in any other part of the world, a place where Japanese traditions are strictly followed. There are kimono clad attendants; Japanese robes and slippers to replace western style clothing and must be worn at all times; incredible food that was beautifully created, presented and eaten with pure happiness on my part. What amazes me the most is how easily I’m transported right back there the minute I view this shot. I love how something so simple can harken feelings of history and tradition that is so quintessentially Japanese."

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