Global Basecamps Photo of the Month: Jogyesa Temple

by ali
Jogyesa Temple
Photo by Marie Webb 2011

"Jogyesa Temple, pictured above, is set inside the heart of downtown Seoul, South Korea. Although the center of Korean Zen Buddhism resides within its walls, Jogyesa lacks natural Buddhist scenery surrounded by mountains or seas. Instead the temple is bounded by Seoul’s modern skyscrapers, yet the peaceful atmosphere and convenient location is what draws many locals and tourists alike. In the picture, thousands of lanterns are seen in the reflection of Daeungjeon (Hall), the most elaborate building in the temple. The lanterns were recently hung in preparation for the Lotus Lantern Festival which the temple holds each May to celebrate the Buddha’s Birthday. This year his birthday is celebrated on May 10th, and the festival will take place over 3 days complete with a lantern parade and exhibition, street festival, and stage performances. Jogyesa is open to visitors 24 hours per day and also offers temple stays for those wishing to experience Buddhist traditions and culture."

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