Global Basecamps Photo of the Month

by ali
Kudu Bull
Photo by John Monetta 2010

“This is a Kudu bull in iSimangaliso Wetland Park, which is in KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa. As the name implies it’s a wetlands park located about 4 hours north of Durban on the India Ocean. The park contains ocean based, estuary based and land based animals. The park is a self drive park and costs $8 per vehicle. I drove in around 3pm and spent 2 ½ hours exploring in my car. I took the picture of this Kudu bull at sunset as he stood guard over his herd of females, adolescents and calves behind the bluff in the picture. While taking this picture, the park ranger drove up and asked me to get back into my car. Seems the reason the Kudu was so nervous is this area is know for leopards and the ranger didn’t want me to get eaten. About 20 minutes later after the sunset I ran into three Black Rhinos (extremely rare). Unfortunately the light conditions produced photos that are on the edge of good.”

South Africa is a nature lover's paradise! Global Basecamps offers a wide range of sustainable travel options and South Africa eco tours. Have any great travel photos you would like Global Basecamps to post? Add them to the Global Basecamps group on Flickr, or email us with a photo and description at, and you’ll be entered into our monthly photo contest. The winner will receive a t-shirt and will be given credit on the Global Basecamps blog.

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