Global Basecamps' Destination Marketing Awards Winner - 2009

by gregor

When most Americans think about Denmark, if they think about Denmark, it's probably something along the lines of being near Sweden and Norway or eating strange fermented fish (or is that Iceland?) or not much at all. In general Denmark lacks an identity with foreign tourists and the sensitive geniuses at Visit Denmark, the country's tourism board, decided that the best way to get men to visit was to focus on two main selling points:

  1. Danish women are blonde and beautiful
  2. Danish women get drunk and have unprotected sex with strange foreign men they meet in bars

But how do you launch a campaign (outside of Maxim Magazine) that will hit your target audience without grossing out everyone else in the process? Cue the giant lightbulb over the head graphic: you post a video on youtube of a beautiful blonde holding a baby looking for her nameless, countryless baby-daddy through viral media. Unfortunately she was too drunk when little "August" was conceived to remember much about the encounter but it's important to know that she doesn't blame you and just wants to meet again, presumably for another drink.

I don't know what this has to do with sustainable travel but it was too good to pass up. Stay classy Copenhagen.

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