Everlater Online Travel Journal-The Savvy Traveler's New Best Friend

by kelley

Everlater.com, our new favorite online travel tool at Global Basecamps, takes the concept of travel journaling to a whole new level. Think—social media meets scrap-booking for the savvy traveler. Everlater, linked seamlessly with Facebook and Google Maps, provides a simple platform to post and share your itineraries, journal entries, photos and videos. Designed to be your one-stop-multimedia-shop for updating friends and family while on the road, the big pay off comes when your journey is over. With literally one click, Everlater transforms your online travel log into an impressive travel photo book. Talk about efficiency! (We are big fans of effciency!) You save time on vacation and save your photos from the digital graveyard—yes, your computer, where pictures often go to die.

So, the next time you are island hopping in Galapagos or trekking through Tanzania and get a few spare moments to spend in a sweaty internet café, make the most of them. That hour you spend writing an update email to mom, could go a lot further! Too deep in the Amazon for internet access? Use Everlater's travel journal app for the iPhone and iPod Touch to update wherever and whenever you'd like and sync to the web later.

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Hello there! I would recommend going to their website at Everlater.com, (not using the app,) and signing up via there. Afterwards, you should be able to sign in using their app, as they will have your information!

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Hello, I just downloaded everlater on my iPad, and it is asking me to log in, but I don't already have an account with it, and it doesn't have the option to sign up. Can you help?
Anonymous Traveler

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Online travel journal is always helpful for the information!!!!,,,,,]

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