Egypt is Back and Even Better

by ali

The People’s Egypt

We were recently visited by our partners in Egypt and were able to hear a first hand account of the Egyptian revolution that recently occurred. As you may know, protests began on January 25th and thousands filled the streets to protest poverty, extensive unemployment, government corruption, and oppressive governance of President Hosni Mubarak, who ruled the country for 30 years. According to our partners, the protests were peaceful, as they strived to get “the people’s Egypt” back. The 18 days of pro-democracy demonstrations ended with the resignation of Mubarak on February 11, 2011. Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians filled the streets and celebrated the end of three decades of authoritarian rule.

Pyramids of Giza

Almost 2 months after the upheaval in Egypt began, the dust has settled and the country is peaceful. Many countries have lifted their travel advisory to Egypt, including Italy, Spain, and the UK among several others. Millions of Egyptians voted on March 19th, gladly waiting for hours to cast their ballots on the constitutional changes. According to a recent article in Reuters Mohammed Ahmed Attiyah, the head of the judicial oversight committee, announced a 41 percent turnout, saying that, “Egyptians came forward to have their say in the future of the country.” The turnout was very high after years of political indifference in response to oppression. While Mubarak was in office, the election turnouts were very low and were routinely manipulated. The Egyptians voted to approve a referendum on constitutional changes, with 77% voting ‘yes’. Some of the key components of the changes include reducing presidential terms from six years to four years and limiting the president to two terms, obliging the president to choose a deputy within 30 days of election, and installing new criteria for presidential candidates.

Travel to Egypt Now? Yes!

Egypt Desert

The citizens of Egypt are urging tourists to return and witness the change that has occurred in Egypt. Within nine days of the revolution, over 1 million tourists had fled Egypt. According to BBC, the turmoil that occurred in Egypt cost the tourism industry $800m. But, Egypt is back and better than ever. The museums and historical sites have been reopened, and with the lack of tourists it may be a better time than ever to visit. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, writer Marc Champion ventured to Egypt with his family and claims that, “in the wake of the revolution, [the] Middle Eastern hot spot is welcoming, cheap and largely tourist free.” Hotels and tour companies are offering discounts, there are no crowds, and the Egyptians are very friendly. Since the revolution turned calm with the resignation of President Mubarak, travelers are slowly starting to trickle back. Now is a great time to explore and see Egypt during a monumental time in the country’s history.

Uncover Egypt’s Mysteries


Our partners in Egypt offer everything from a Cairo highlights tour to a more off the beaten path itinerary where you have the opportunity to dine in the desert with the Bedouins. Their tour guides are certified Egyptologists, meaning they specialize in the study of ancient Egypt. With an emphasis on cultural immersion these itineraries are ideal for those seeking rich, in-depth exploration of Egyptian history and culture, both ancient and modern. The tour guides strive to break down cultural barriers to help you gain an deeper understanding of local customs and traditions. Looking for a unique Egypt eco tour? Venture off the beaten track to Egyptian villages within the Nile Delta, stroll through Egyptian cotton fields, and dine with local Egyptian families. If you’re looking for a more classic Egypt experience enjoy a day of sight seeing around the Suez Canal, Alexandria, the Pyramids of Giza, or Luxor. Discover the capital of Egypt by spending a few days in Cairo touring the modern metropolis and enjoying the museums. If you would like to start planning your custom Egypt trip please fill out a custom tour form or call us at (866) 577-2462.

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