Eat, Pray, Love for the Sustainable Traveler: Italy

by lauren

Why not make your own soul searching experience a sustainable one?

Eat, Pray, Love for the Sustainable TravelerDuring your journey to travel enlightenment, what better way to increase your good karma then by contributing to the local communities and preserving the environment. This goal can be accomplished through many unique, educational, and not to mention, tasty activities. Indulge in 5 course meals organically produced from local farms, escape inside a tree house surrounded by lush tropical jungle, or spend a day exploring the pristine natural habitats at a national park.

Over the next few weeks, we shall follow in Gilbert’s (and, insert infectious belly laugh here, Julie's) footsteps and emulate her journey, while adding our own sustainable twist. We will shed light on the expansive value sustainability has to offer the community, the environment, and also most importantly, you!

From Farm to Fork

When I think of Italy, one of the first things that comes to my mind is food. My mouth waters just thinking about the delectable feasts full of alluring aromas, eye catching displays of fresh produce and authentic flavors.

Taste buds aside, few of us take the time to ask ourselves, “where exactly is this food coming from?” Is the food being imported internationally? Is the produce genetically modified or drenched in pesticides? What are the ethics and standards of the farmer who provided the components of this meal? No one's perfect. Gilbert doesn't pray for answers about the origins of her pasta, Julia Roberts doesn't stare pensively at the pizza crust. It's natural that these questions get overlooked when our innate drive for immediate gelatto gratification takes over.Organic bread at Laconda della Valle Nuova

But remember, this book/movie is about self-improvement and growth, and no one said those things were easy. So, maybe it's time to ponder these questions with the same ferocity as you would an Italian wine list. Food is an important component of sustainability, in terms of preserving land and supporting the local economy. Not to mention, maintaining your own health and piece of mind by keeping those unpronounceable mystery ingredients out of your system!

You can rest your mind at ease while enjoying your stay at the Locanda della Valle Nuova, a unique property that lies within its very own 185 acre organically run farm. This quaint accommodation rests just outside the UNESCO World Heritage recognized town of Urbino, where it holds quality at the highest of standards not only in food preparation but also in energy conservation, and waste management. They are doing their part to “tread lightly on the earth,” by growing their own wheat, vegetables, and fruit as well as raising their own livestock on 100% natural feed. Satisfy your palate with delectable home made bread, pasta, jams and wine all completely sourced from the property and prepared traditionally.

Luscious Urbino, ItalyAfter you’ve recovered from you’re belly-busting indulgences, burn those calories by taking a nature hike through the nearby Risera Naturale Gola del Furlo. Or, seize the opportunity to ride horseback and relish in the natural beauty of the charming countryside. The Locanda offers a wide array of activities for you to reconnect with nature in one way or another.

Does sustainable eating in Italy hit a sweet note with your earth-loving taste buds? Fill out a custom trip request form , and we'll have you on your way in a flash of a toothy Julie Roberts smile! If not, stay tuned; we'll cover sustainable praying and loving in India and Indonesia soon!

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