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by gregor

Oyster Hotel ReviewsI have to be honest, I am in love with Tripadvisor.  Obviously I use it when I hear about a new hotel that I haven't heard of (AKA how it's supposed to be used) but I also use it when I'm in a bad mood or need a laugh or just want to play "guess what country the reviewer is from."  Where else can you find three headlines for the same hotel like "BEST LOCATION EVER," "grate servse but horrible location" and "stolen wallet."  Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

For travelers looking for the hotel downlow from people paid to be professional and objective there's another option:  Oyster Hotel Reviews.  Huge long reviews, great pics and info on everything from food to sheet counts.  Mysteriously (and unfortunately) they're only reviewing Aruba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Miami right now with Vegas and New York coming soon.

Hopefully in the not so distant future they'll start a "Sustainable" category and we can start to use them to keep tabs on our favorite spots.

Check them out at

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