Bhutan TravelBhutan Travel
Bhutan TravelBhutan Travel
Bhutan is a small kingdom nestled deep within the Himalayas. For centuries it remained in self-imposed isolation from the rest of world, which has allowed the country to retain its natural beauty, culture and serenity. Since its doors were opened in 1974, Bhutan has mesmerized adventure and culture-seekers alike. The pristine scenery of Bhutan's rural country make trekking and rafting a must for any adventure junkie andthe architecture and religious festivals offer the visitor an opportunity to gain insight into the history and culture of a country that has been shrouded in a veil of mystery for centuries. For a country the measures its wealth in Gross National Happiness, it is very rich indeed; the people are as charming as the idyllic countryside. Every moment in Bhutan, including the exhilarating flight in and out of the country, promises to be unforgettable and profoundly awe-inspiring.

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