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At Global Basecamps customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We strive to give our clients the best trips possible by providing unparalleled customer service, fully customized itineraries, and by incorporating responsible and sustainable practicies into all of our trips.

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Dave and Family on their trek

This was my first trip with Global Basecamps... It will not be my last. The overall planning was excellent. The communications prior to leaving were clear, concise and helpful... The transfer arrangements from airports to hotels were flawless. Our guide, Edwar Montalvo Gomez, was outstanding. He was knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and most importantly fun for the teenagers. Our cook, Pedro, was to put it into words of my grandchildren "amazing, really awesome"! The hotels were fine. The gold standard was Villa Urubamba. It was truly an oasis in terms of beauty, service and quality.

Dave, Cultural Lares Trek to Machu Picchu

Custom Japan Tour

My sister and I had a wonderful birthday trip to Japan, which was expertly crafted by Laura at Global Basecamps. She listened to our interests, questions, and requests, then got creative with excellent suggestions, perfect and varied accommodations, necessary reservations, and thoughtfully detailed instructions. She even sent a birthday cake to our ryokan in Takayama, and alerted our other accommodations to the occasion.

I did not know what to expect from a travel agent, as I usually arrange my own trips, but Global Basecamps did an impressive job of creating the perfect trip that was easy, exciting, well-informed, and on our budget.

Vanya, Custom Japan Tour

Hiking in Peru

Gustavo was incredible. He was very patient with my wife and I as we did the challenging hike to Huchuy Qosqo. The driver, Ronal was great, too, our friend couldn't do the hike so he took her into town where they visited a market, saw a parade and had a great meal - a true cultural experience that she enjoyed. Couldn't have worked out any better.

Gustavo also guided us through Mapi and you could tell he enjoyed his job, very knowledgeable and had a great plan to avoid the crowds and get multiple views of the site. Couldn't say enough good things about him.

Rob, Hiking in Peru

Beng Mealea

Everything was incredible and it was definitely the trip of a lifetime for us! From the hotels to the excursions that were planned, everything went very smoothly, and we felt that there was great variety in all of the recommendations you provided. We've never worked with a custom trip planning company before, but the experience and service was phenomenal, and we'd highly recommend Global Basecamps to anyone. There were so many highlights and wonderful memories that we'll treasure forever.

Stephanie, Best of Cambodia & Thailand

Great Trip to Oman/UAE

THANK YOU for creating such customized engaging experiences for us. We have worked with all the big players global travel companies that charge big fancy prices. You get their “standard package and the usual hotels”. You loved the way you spent time asking questions about the type of experiences we wanted, why certain cities were important to us, what we hoped to learn and experience. And then you did your research. And you nailed it every time and the value for money was simply outstanding. You redefined customer service, value and quality. Thank you and we can’t wait to work with you again.

Brett, Great Trip to Oman/UAE

Bangkok's Floating Markets

We LOVED our trip! It was wonderful, and we will ABSOLUTELY use Global Basecamps again. Everything you set up went off without a hitch. Our hotels were top notch, especially the Chedi in Chiang Mai. Truly outstanding. Every excursion was exciting and/or interesting. We loved our guides, especially Toto in Bangkok. All of the connections and transports were on time and efficient. All the cabs were clean and comfortable. I honestly have no idea what you could have done better. Our time was jam packed with fun and adventure. The hotels and guides were perfection. The price was reasonable. Well done!!

Valerie, Mother/Daughter Trip to Thailand

Halong Bay

Our trip was absolutely fabulous and I wouldn't have changed anything. We absolutely love everything about Vietnam and Cambodia from the people to the landscape, food, etc. Everything went very smoothly and was very well organized. Our guides were all very prompt, courteous, and flexible in altering plans based on weather or something that popped up and caught our interest. All of the planned excursions were fantastic and a nice variety of things to do. We really enjoyed the home stay and mixing with the locals - great cultural aspects! We have tried to figure out our favorite days and can't do it. Thank you for helping me plan one of the most wonderful vacations I've ever taken. I don't think that there is anything that you could have improved upon for us.

Kristi, Vietnam & Cambodia Excursion

Trekking in Peru

Everything went very well and Maria and all your local people in Peru were fantastic. The guide in Machu Picchu spoke great English, was funny and very knowledgeable and just kept going even in a torrential downpour! When the government closed down the only road, the local representative lined up two separate taxis and carried our luggage from one to the other through the streets of Ollanta. On the last day, they upgraded us to the suite at Rumi Punku so he could rest comfortably before having to fly home. I absolutely loved Peru and a great part of that was due to all the wonderful people who went out of their way for us. Thank you for putting this together for me and making it such a memorable trip!

Catharina, Trekking in Peru

Trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro

My trip was awesome! I trekked Mt. Kilimanjaro and what an experience! Everyday it either rained--drops as big as dinner plates--snowed, hailed, ice storm--the night we made it to the summit--the wind blew and generally we had cold weather, but I made it to the summit! That is what my goal was and the weather wasn't going to stop me. The guides were exceptional--Ronald. He told me he would get me to the summit and he did! The support staff were wonderful and the cook--excellent! He even had a cake for me at the end of the trek. It was a perfect trip--memories for a lifetime. Thanks to Meagan for all the planning she did to make my trip exceptional.

Barbara, Trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro

Custom Japan Trip

The trip was fantastic - we already can't wait for our next one. Our friends weren't sure a travel agent was worth it, and by the end they were hailing Andres dedication, insight, and hard work. Andres was a great person to bounce ideas and question off of, especially obscure questions that you just can't find on the internet. He was also an incredible convenience when booking and making arrangements. On top of that, when we had a couple "mid-trip" questions/minor emergencies Andres' responses were quick and helpful. Global Basecamps met or surpassed all our expectations.

Ken, Custom Japan Trip

Custom Africa Trip

The trip was a great introduction to Africa, Botswana and Zambia in particular. Meagan did a wonderful job in terms of putting together an amazing itinerary that was fun-filled and memorable. I really loved the intimate feel of the camps-how all the guests got to know each other a bit better just because we all ate at the same time and pretty much did our activities at the same time. I really appreciated the fact that the camps and hotels practiced sustainable tourism and were actively supporting habitat conservation. I am already looking forward to booking my next trip to Africa with Global Basecamps. Thank you so much, Megan Yash and Global Basecamps, for making my dream of visiting Africa a reality!

Stephanie, Custom Africa Trip

Custom Australia Trip

First of all, we had a GREAT trip and want to thank you so much for all the hard work you did in putting it together. Park 8 in Sydney was great. The staff was VERY nice and the rooms were very modern and clean. Awesome location as well. The Whitsunday cruise was AMAZING. Great crew, great boat, great sights...and the food was awesome! We were very happy with our service from Global Basecamps.

Matt and Kyle, Custom Australia Trip

Round the World Trip

I went in to this with the attitude of ok, I'd like to go around the world but I have no idea what to do or where to start. Global Basecamps stepped in and created a trip I will never forget. Every excursion that was arranged for this trip was so different because the plans and excursions took place in so many different countries. The three days I spent at the FCC Angkor Hotel in Cambodia were perhaps one of the most relaxing on this entire trip. I never ever worried nearly as much as I would have if I had done this trip on my own. It was and is an incredible relief to have great people looking out for you when you're in a foreign country and Global Basecamps hooked up with some truly exceptional agencies and people.

Steve, Round the World Trip

Custom Japan Trip

We were totally satisfied with the services and accommodations that you provided. All the hotels were well-located for our needs. Our room was on the top floor, with a nice view. Very clean. The Nagasaki guide was awaiting us the next morning, even though we came down to the lobby a few minutes early. She was totally enthusiastic despite the day-long heavy rain. We listened to each other's suggestions, and she laid out a plan to view the city. She was great! So when the Unzen-Shimabara day came, we thought it would be hard to come up with a better guide. Wrong. Guide#2 had a totally different personality, but she was just as determined to please. She knew alot of history, which we appreciated hearing. I guess the best thing I can say in summary is that we want to go back to Kyushu! And we will definitely keep Global Basecamps in mind.

Kori and Tom, Custom Japan Trip

Galapagos Cruise

The Galapagos cruise was wonderful. Thank you so much for arranging the upgrade, too! We like snorkeling with the penguins, hammerhead sharks and rays. We also really enjoyed the hikes and scenery on the cruise. The Charles Darwin Research Station was a treat, too.

Julie, Galapagos Cruise

South Africa Walking Safari

Thank you so much for finding the safari! It was the highlight of our trip. The facilities were rustic and great with just enough modern amenities to be really comfortable. All of the staff members made the stay extra memorable with their friendly personality's and A+ service. (Not to mention the food was delicious!) Thanks again Andres!

Elizabeth, South Africa Walking Safari

Tanzania Safari

We got back from our Africa trip about a week ago and are still basking in the glow of a wonderful trip! The excursion to Tanzania that you arranged for us went off without a hitch and everything was phenomenal. So, we just want to say thanks again for working with us through the whole process. It was truly everything we expected and a whole lot more!

Steve, Tanzania Safari

South East Asia Explorer

I can not tell you how smooth every thing has gone. We kept thinking how lucky we were to have found you. All around us we watched travelers frustrated confused and angry, while we just sailed through our travels. And it was all because of you. I will recommend you and Global Basecamps to any one I know that is planning a trip.

Sandie, South East Asia Explorer

Japan Ryokan

We LOVED Japan. The Ryokan was just amazing. Kyoto was too. Tokyo....All of it. The Samurai class was awesome. The Ninja class was out of control cool. We were just blown away by everything. I am so in awe of the culture and the thoughtfulness of everyone there, really. I totally loved the Tea Ceremony. It was so interesting to learn about it and so great that they just told us what to do and we didn't feel awkward at all--and that's saying a lot for my tween daughter, actually. I just wanted to say thank you again--it wouldn't have happened like it did without you.

Christy, Japan Explorer

Custom South African Safari

This was my third time using the incredible services and unique properties of Global Basecamps. For my most recent trip to South Africa, I wanted a unique Kruger safari experience, but didn't have the budget for the higher-end Kruger safaris. Our travel specialist booked us a walking safari that was so incredibly priced we were able to afford an additional excursion to one of South Africa's smaller game parks. The walking safari was top notch and the accommodations were awesome. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and passionate about the wildlife. Viewing game on foot without twenty other vehicles with tons of gawking tourists and cameras going off is such a special treat. Thank you Global Basecamps for another incredible experience!

John, Custom South African Safari

Round-the-World Trip The Quay, Phnom Penh's first carbon-friendly

My wife and I just returned from our 5-month trip of a lifetime around the world. Our travel specialist at Global Basecamps arranged a number of our accomodations for our trip and was incredibly helpful. Neither of us was an experienced world traveler and he was very understanding of that. I would (and have) recommend to anyone to use their services and know that they will be satisfied beyond their expectations.

Scott B. & Harriet N., Round-the-World Trip

Custom New Zealand and Australia Adventure

Our travel specialist at Global Basecamps came to our rescue when our tour company cancelled our tours to New Zealand and Australia. We had already booked our flights through another company so we desperately needed to replace the tours we had scheduled. She was able to do just that! She was professional, efficient and responded to all of our questions immediately. Our tours were as wonderful as we had hoped they would be and our hotels were first class. Global Basecamps will be our first choice for future trips and we would highly recommend their outstanding customer service to any traveler.

Diane & Charles, Custom New Zealand and Australia Adventure

Highlights of Ecuador and Peru

First, I just wanted to thank our travel specialist again! His help was invaluable and made the trip so memorable and easy. Everything for the Peru leg was flawless from the time we landed in Cusco. On the trail, Lobo, our guide was a walking Inca/Peru encyclopedia. He answered every question we threw at him regarding plants, animals, history, astronomy and anthropology and everything else. Everything in Ecuador was nearly as equally perfect. We filled the days between the trek and the Galapagos cruise with sightseeing in Cuenca and Quito on our own. Thanks again for planning out this amazing trip! Look forward to our next Global Basecamps vacation!

Steven, Highlights of Ecuador and Peru

The Inca Trail Hiking Trip to Machu Picchu, Peru

I went on my first trip out of the country with my best friend to Peru. It was amazing, and Global Basecamps did a wonderful job at organizing our trip. The Amazon excursion was amazing, and Machu Picchu was beautiful. All our guides were extremely helpful, warm, and friendly. Our travel specialist was extremely responsive to all our questions. We will definitely be using Global Basecamps again for our next trip outside the U.S.

Anna, The Inca Trail Hiking Trip to Machu Picchu, Peru

Custom trip to Egypt and China

We just returned from a 6-week Journey Around the World, and had Global Basecamps arrange our guides and itinerary in both Cairo and Beijing. Our travel coordinator really understood our goals for our adventures with our 4 young children. As a seasoned traveler, I usually do all the planning, but felt that we needed help in these two countries. Andres arranged 2 fabulous guides for us, and a great itinerary in both countries. The guides were the best that we experienced, and not only were they flexible to the needs of our family (kids ages 7-12), but they really made sure our children understood the history of the sites that we were visiting. We felt safe. Our drivers were on time and very responsible in driving us around the crazy traffic. We would definitely use Global Basecamps again for our next adventure.

Marie, Custom trip to Egypt and China

Travel Australia, China, Japan

I just returned from a 5 week long trip to Australia, Japan and China. My travel specialist at Global Basecamps arranged all of my hotels, guides and excursions. I had never been to Asia and was traveling on my own and it was amazing! All of the hotels were beyond my expectations and in great parts of the cities. All of the recommendations of places to go and things to see were great. The guides I had in China were very knowledgable, fun and went above and beyond what they needed to do. I have recommended Global Basecamps and will definitely be using them in the future!

Cara, Custom trip to Australia, Japan and China

Custom trip to South Africa, World Cup, Safari

Global Basecamps arranged our trip to South Africa during the World Cup and did a fabulous job. Our travel agent arranged all the hotels (in many cases at prices that were lower than what he had originially estimated them at), car rentals and many of the tours that we took. He patiently worked through all the details with us, went back and forth many times on specific pieces, and best of all followed up with us a couple of weeks before the trip to see if we needed anything else and actually ended up taking care of some last minute arrangements for us. Thank you Global Basecamps for impeccable service and arrangements!

Mousumi, Custom South Africa Trip

Grootbos Garden Lodge

I made last minute plans for a summer trip around the world with my kids, departing in late June. Great help and advice from the sustainable travel experts at Global Basecamps made it possible.

Obie, Round-the-World Trip

Serengeti Safari Camp

My travel specialist stepped in and gave many options, reworked itineraries and camps as needed, and offered excellent advice along the way. In many ways, he went above and beyond.

Kyle, South Africa


I recently booked a trip to Chile through Global Basecamps and could not have been more satisfied. All connections and activities were delivered without problems and the service provided was excellent ... I would certainly use this company in the future.

William, Trip to Chile

African Safari

The team at Global Basecamps worked painstakingly with me to create a life-changing trip through Southern and Eastern Africa. Along the way they personally organized everything from exotic safaris and excursions in remote ecolodges to funky safe-havens in challenging urban environs. They are as approachable and honest as they are passionate and knowledgeable. Global Basecamps is to be highly recommended --- especially to the most discerning world traveler.

Trey, Safari in Africa

Laresde Chacras

Global Basecamps is the best! The agency is very skilled in quickly getting a feel for your travel style and then putting together an itinerary, accommodations and all, that are a perfect match. Plus, they go the extra mile — really miles! -- to work out all the details for an exquisite, once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Susan, Agentina Explorer

Anda Lanta Resort

Global Basecamps was invaluable in setting up our trip in Thailand. My travel specialist made personal recommendations for places to stay that were carefully thought-out to meet our needs. They were extremely diligent about ensuring that connections, rides and ferry schedules matched seamlessly, and made it easy for us to just enjoy our trip without any stresses. We absolutely appreciate every aspect of the work they did on our behalf. Kudos!

Lisa, Trip to Thailand

Luang Say Cruise

Global Basecamps did an outstanding job designing an itinerary for our trip to Thailand and Laos. Our travel specialist knew the hotels and locations in this part of the world that were a perfect match for our style and needs. All of the transportation, whether boats, planes or cars was scheduled to meet our plans, and the guides were always fun, friendly and professional. The trip was perfectly orchestrated and I would highly recommend Global Basecamps. It truly is 'exploration made easy'.

Mary, South East Asia